With the beginning of the new century and the new millennium, a new project was also born, wishing to assert itself in its market segment – Novacâmbios.

The world, and especially the financial sector, has become more complex and global than ever imagined. It was the meteoric development of the information technologies; it was the arising with all the vigour of the term “Global Village”, and to contribute to this concept was the emergence of a currency that one wants global – the Euro. The Novacâmbios project was, over the years, gaining shape and developing. Thus, in a little over 12 years, this project has spread to five countries: Angola, France, Mozambique, Namibia and Portugal, with a network of some 70 branches and more than 300 employees. And we didn’t stop! Today, we intend to continue developing ourselves and deepen this journey in order to strengthen our project, at the service of our customers, without ever ceasing to be….. – A PROJECT.