The slogan of Novacâmbios – we exist to serve you – is a reflection of our values. Our mission is to create long-term economic and social value for an ever-increasing number of people engaged in the buying and selling of currencies. At Novacâmbios, we aim to provide foreign exchange with the highest quality and utmost seriousness, while always operating in staunch opposition to money laundering and terrorist financing. With continuous training of our staff and employees, our prices are competitive and our quality is guaranteed.  


Gratitude, passion, determination, respect, friendship and loyalty. These are the values that govern Novacâmbios. They have led us to where we are today, and they will guide our business into tomorrow.  

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is at the core of Novacâmbios. Wherever we operate, we constantly strive to engage with local communities and create new ways to further their development. Governed by the principles of our headquarters in Lisbon, all of our branches consider it a privilege to contribute to the sustainability of these communities.