Money Exchange

Our core business is buying and selling foreign currency, based on the market price for each currency. To provide this service we do not charge any commission related to the transaction in question, regardless of the amount. We also exchange over 50 currencies.
  • Available in Portugal, France, Angola, Namibia, and Mozambique

Money Transfer

A Novacâmbios makes available to our customers a wide range of services to transfer money securely, quickly and efficiently. We are pleased to work with the following companies:

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Tax Free

Novacâmbios offers all our customers who reside abroad, the possibility of revising the VAT on their purchases.
  • Currently available at six of our locations across four cities in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Averio.


NovaCambios Portugal* has a partnership with PagAqui company, which provides our customers with the charging service from your prepaid mobile phone, purchase your voucher paysafecard, show tickets and the payment of water/sanitation bills, convenient, safe and free. .
  • These services are currently available in some branches of NovaCambios Portugal. For more information, see the tab “Locations” and “Portugal” to see where to find the PagAqui service near you..

*Service available only in Portugal.

Internet & Telephone

Novacâmbios has a partnership with Ultraserve LDT, which provides our customers with Internet access at an extremely attractive price. We also have phones available at very competitive prices.
  • Currently available in certain Novâcambios locations in Portugal. Contact us to find a location offering Internet & Telephone near you.

Enterprise Services

Novacâmbios offers businesses:
  1. Competitive prices

  2. Free delivery

  3. No commission

  4. Speed

  • Currently available in Portugal and France. For more information, please contact the headquarters of the country you are in.

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Pricing Table

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