Real Transfer

Novacâmbios works with Real Transfer in Portugal and Namibia. Real Transfer is a Portuguese company based in Lisbon but with offices also in Angola and Namibia. If you choose to send your money through Moneygram, procedures are as follows:

To send or receive money, the client must always present:

  1. Identification document (identity Portuguese in case of being in PT, passport or residence permit)

  2. Address

  3. Phone number

  • Note: You should also know the full name and indicate the city in which the receiver will receive the money. If you are sending money to: Brazil, USA and in Europe the money will go directly to the receiver’s bank account. In addition to the receiver’s city, you must also indicate the bank, the branch number, the number and type of account (savings or current), the receiver’s CPF and bring proof of address (title residence also serves as proof of address). When sending, a code is provided for those who will give up and the survey is mandatory say their code.