What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a card which provides an amount to be used in purchases and withdrawals at TPA and ATM terminals, which balance is load in advance by you. You may load it with 4 currencies: Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Brazilian Real.

What are the type of cards available?

There are three types of cards. As a private customer, you may opt for the “Just for U Consumer” card or, in the case of companies, we offer the “Just For U Business” card. Both cards have 4 currencies available to use in your transactions, which adapt to your preferences. If you are an expatriate or an Angolan citizen living in the European Union, you may choose the “Just For U Exclusive”, which is a card in Euros.

Where in the world may I use the Novacâmbio’s prepaid cards?

Our cards are issued under the Mastercard flag, which allows their completely safe use in withdrawals and purchases, in more than 36.9 million places around the world.

What are the advantages of the Just For U cards?

The Just for U cards are safer as they are not connected to bank accounts and have a Contactless device, therefore not having to be inserted when used. If stolen, lost or cloned, the loss is limited to the amount loaded. In the case of bank cards, the loss may be the entire account balance or the credit plafond of your card.

When you travel abroad, your bank cards may be subject to exchange rate variations, therefore generating differences as the exchange rate is normally altered between the moment of the purchase and the exchange rate’s calculation by the system.

What are the currencies of the card?

There are 4 currencies in the Novacâmbios cards: Euro, American Dollar, British Pound and Brazilian Real.

Can I use the card with any currency?

There are 4 accounts associated to the card, one for each currency. Example: If you wish to use it in the USA, you have American Dollars in the card and the same shall happen if you use it in any of the other three countries of the card’s three currencies. For any other country, you should have Euros loaded in the card and the conversion to the currency of that country is automatically carried out.

The card may be used by another person apart from me?

No. The use of the card is personal and untransferable and only the holder may use it.

What is the card’s cost?

The “Just For You” card costs 14 Euros in the case of private customers and, in the case of a company’s employee, the “Just for Business” card bears the cost of 9.50 Euros.

Besides the sales price, is there any annuity rate?

Yes. The “Just For You” and the “Just For Business” cards charge an annuity rate of 14 Euros and 9.50 Euros, respectively. In the first year, the annuity rate paid corresponds to the card’s purchase price.

Where may I purchase the card?

The “Just For You Consumer” card may be acquired at a service desk or online through the Novacâmbios’ website or accessing the following link:

You may also contact our Customer Service by phone: +351 213 405 173 or to the following email addresses: or

Can I acquire the prepaid card online and anywhere in the world?

You may only acquire the “Just For You Consumer” card in the Novacâmbio’s website at, by clicking on “Order Now”. The card shall be delivered by mail to the address indicated in the online purchasing process, provided that this address is located in Portugal or in the EEA, in which case you shall bear the cost of the card’s sending.

The Novacâmbios’ prepaid cards are safe?

Yes! Whenever you travel with the Novacâmbios’ prepaid card, you benefit from all the safety rules established by the Mastercard® system.

It is common for the tourists to only bring physical money, which means that in the case of theft, they lose all their money. With the Novacâmbios’ prepaid cards, you may report the loss or theft with a simple SMS or access your account at the Customer’s online portal, from which moment your balance shall be blocked.

What is a Card with “Contactless” technology?

Unlike the common cards which store your data and the PIN code assigned in a chip, the Contactless cards have an additional device which comprises a digital antenna that, when brought closer to the ATM or TPA terminal, allows you to carry out your payments in a safer manner.

How does a “Contactless” card work?

When you use of a card with this devise in a POS/TPA terminal which allows the capture of the Contactless antenna’s signal, the payment will be done by the card approaching to those equipment’s and is limited to small amount´s.

In the case of Portugal, the limit set is € 20, above this limit, the transaction you made requires the PIN introduction at the payment terminal. You can check the limits defined for other countries through the following link:

What does it mean to load the card?

To be able to use your card, you must load it with Euros, American Dollars, British Pounds or Brazilian Real, in the correspondent account of the card. You must do so at the Novacâmbios’ service desks or on the Customer’s Portal.

What does it mean to withdraw or pay money with the card?

You may carry out money Withdrawals or Payments through the insertion/approach of your card in the TPA or ATM terminals and with the registry of the correspondent transaction authorization codes (your “PIN” or the “Token”).

What is a Replacement Card?

This type of card temporarily or definitively replaces your main card when you report it as lost/stolen/broken. The cost of the replacement card is 5€.

What is a Secondary card?

If you wish to give a card to a family member, you may associate your main card to another card, called Secondary card, to be used with funds loaded by you.


Which documents must I submit to get the card?

If you purchase a card with Simple Identification or SDD, you must submit your identification (Citizen Card, Passport or Residence Permit).

If you purchase a card with Reinforced Identification or KYC, you must submit one of the above-mentioned documents, plus the proof of address mentioning that you reside in the EEA, issued at least 3 months ago.

Furthermore you must provide us with your phone number and email address so that we may easily contact you.

How can I start to use the card?

After receiving your card, you must activate it. To do so, you must send an SMS from the phone registered upon the accession to the Novacâmbios’ cards programme to +351 927 944 300 as follows:

  • 1. Type the word “PIN” followed by a space and the last 8 of the 16 digits of the card’s number. Example: PIN 01234567
  • 2. Then, you shall receive na SMS with the PIN.
  • 3. Sign your name on the card.
Be the first to contribute for your own safety and do not reveal your PIN nor your personal data to anyone.

How do I sign in or log in on the Customer’s Portal?

After activating the card, you must sign in on the Portal. To do so, you may opt for two alternatives, on the Novacâmbios’ website or through your PC or mobile device:

  • 1. If you sign in through the Novacâmbios’ website, you must click on “Access to the Customer’s Portal”.
  • 2. Alternatively, you may directly access the Customer’s Portal through the following link:
  • 3. In both cases and after accessing the main registry page, you must click on “I don’t have a password”.
  • 4. On the following page, insert the card’s number (16 digits) and the PIN assigned upon the activation.
  • 5. Then choose a password, considering that it must include a minimum of 8 characters, with at least 2 capital letters, 2 numbers and at least 2 special characters (*!@%_$&-£”). Do not include more than 3 equal and followed characters.
  • 6. Immediately after, you must choose the security question and the correspondent answer;
  • 7. Finally, after logging in and accessing the Portal, you must insert the Holder’s identification number (which corresponds, in the card, to the number below the name) and the password chosen.

The Customer’s Portal is safe?

The connection to the Portal is completely safe as it uses a “https” connection and also enables the creation of a shortcut which may insert on your Smartphone or Table the direct access to the mobile version of the Portal.

Which information is provided by the Customer’s Portal?

You may obtain/carry out the following data at the Customer’s Portal:

  • 1. Alteration of the contact email;
  • 2. Card’s balance;
  • 3. Upgrade the card;
  • 4. Bank card registry to load funds;
  • 5. Bank transfer to load funds (only if you acquired a card with a KYC profile);
  • 6. Money transfer between cards (only if you acquired a card with a KYC profile);
  • 7. Registry of supporting documents;
  • 8. Request of the secondary card (only if you acquired a card with a KYC profile);
  • 9. Exchange rate conversions between the accounts of the card’s currencies;
  • 10. Record and extract of the transactions;
  • 11. Report the Loss/Theft and Block the card.

Can I control my child’s expenses with the Secondary Card?

Just like you, your child may access the Customer’s Portal. Only through the access to your child’s Portal may you consult the transactions record. Therefore, the effective control of the expenses may only be carried out if you hold the access data to his/her card (Holder’s identification number and password of the secondary card).

Are there limits of us for the card?

Yes, there are. According to the type of identification, the card may have two different set of limits:

  • 1. In the case of an SDD card, it shall have a limit of 1800€/year and 150€/month.
  • 2. In the case of a KYC card, it shall have a limit of 120.000€/year and 10.000€/month.

What is the daily amount that I can load the card with?

You can load your card daily, according to the following limits and number of daily operations:

  • 1. Card with Simple Identification or SDD – Daily limit of 150€ up to a maximum of 150€/month and with a maximum of 3 daily loading operations;
  • 2. Card with Reinforced Identification or KYC – Daily limit of 3.000€ up to a maximum of 10.000€/month, with a limit of 1.000€ per loading operation a maximum of 3 daily operations.

Are there money withdrawals’ limits?

Yes, there are. The limits established for ATM withdrawals depend on the definition of the ATM’s management entity. The limits are:

Cards issued with KYC identification level:

  • 1. Service desk: Daily limit of 3.000€. With a limit of 3 operations per day with a maximum amount of 1.000€
  • 2. ATM: Daily limit of 250€. With a limit of 2 operations per day.

Cards issued with SDD Identification level:

  • 1. No cash access for this kind of cards.


Where and how can I load the card?

There are three ways to load the card:

  • 1. At any service desk of the Novacâmbios’ Network, with the submission of physical money;
  • 2. Through a bank transfer, by accessing your personal area on the Customer’s Portal;
  • 3. Through a previously registered debit or credit card. However, if you do not hold a registered bank card, don’t worry as you may do so on the Customer’s Portal.

What is the cost for loading?

For the loading operation, we charge, according to the situations, fees which may vary from 1.65% to 1.85%. To learn more, consult the Fees Table available on the Novacâmbios’ website.

If I have money in Dollar, Pound, Brazilian Real or another currency, can I load the card?

Yes, you may, but only at the service desk with the submission of physical money. For any other currencies, you must first to sell the bills you hold. Two different situations may apply:

  • 1. If the currency sold for American Dollars, British Pounds or Brazilian Real for the load in one of these currencies are free from the payment of any fees;
  • 2. If the currency sold is different from the above-mentioned, the load shall be in Euros and you pay a fee of 1.85%.

I am going to travel do Brazil. What is the cost of loading the Card with Brazilian Real?

To load the card with Brazilian Real, you have two alternatives:

  • 1. Through the Customer’s Portal, to have Brazilian Real in your card, you may convert the balance you wish to spend in Euros to its amount in Real. If you do not have any Euros, you must load the card, paying a fee of 1.85%.
  • 2. In the service desk, by submitting the amount in Euros corresponding to the Brazilian Real you wish to have in your card, paying a fee of 1.65%.

May I load the card online anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can. To do so, you only need to access the Customer’s Portal and have previously registered a debit or credit bank card. Alternatively and following the instructions on the Portal, you may also make a Bank Transfer.

Through the Customer’s Portal, you may only load the card with Euros.

Where can I withdraw money with my card?

You may withdraw money at our services desks or in an ATM machine anywhere in the world.

How can I withdraw money at ATM?

Our cards allow to carry out withdrawals in any ATM machine with the Mastercard mark or with a system to read the PIN or capture the signal emitted by the Contactless antenna of the card. Some machines may also request an access code with 6 digits, but don’t worry, if you insert your 4-digit code, it shall be accepted without any problems.

Is there any cost associated with the withdrawal of money?

In Portugal or in a SEPA country (in the card’s Terms and Conditions, consult the list of countries), you do not pay for the withdrawal of money in Euros in an ATM machine or at one of your service desks.

In one of the countries of the three of the card’s currencies and provided that you select the option “NO DDC”, you shall pay 2.25% on the amount withdrew in the currencies, to a minimum of 3€.

In any other country and provided that you select the option “NO DCC”, besides 2.25%, you shall pay an additional 3.00% for the international conversion.

If I have Dollars, Pounds or Brazilian Real in my card, may I withdraw them and retrieve my balance?

You can’t do it directly. To receive the balance in your card, you must go to one of our service desks. If your card’s balance is express in another currency apart from Euros, the amount shall be returned to you in that currency, after the exchange conversion of the currencies.

Do I pay any fee when I purchase something with the card?

In Portugal or in a SEPA country (in the card’s Terms and Conditions, consult the list of countries), you do not pay for payments in Euros in a TPA terminal.

In one of the countries of the three of the card’s currencies and provide that you select the option “NO DDC”, you shall pay 0.90€ for the operation, provided that you hold any balance on the currency chosen for the payment.

In any other country, the amount of the payable fee depends on the payment option selected, with or without DCC.

How are the card’s commissions paid?

Generally, the fees are charged through the debit in the Euros account of the card. In the loading and cancelling operations, the fees are charged at the service desk.

When you use the card abroad, be careful so that, besides having money in the currency you wish to pay in, you must have Euros in the card’s account to pay the fees charged for the use of the card.

I am going to travel. What do I need to know to use the card abroad well?

In the countries of the card’s foreign currencies or in any other country, in the TPA and ATM machines, you must define Euro as the payment currency. This option is called Dynamic Currency Conversion – DCC.

If you choose this DCC option, higher fees, agreed between the ATM Manager/TPA Trader and their bank, are applied. Therefore, always choose the NO DCC option.

Can I transfer funds from my card to another Just For You card?

Yes, you can. Through the Customer’s Portal, you can transfer funds between cards of the Just For You programme, that is:

  • 1. From your card to a Business or Exclusive card;
  • 2. From the Exclusive card to the Business or Consumer card;
  • 3. The Business Card does not allow to transfer funds.

Can I transfer funds from my card to my bank account or to another card not part of the Just For You programme?

No, you cannot. As an alternative to the transfer of funds to your account or bank card, you may withdraw funds from your card at one of our service desks or in an ATM terminal.

In which currencies can I transfer money from my card to another Just for You card? I have Dollars, Pounds and/or Brazilian Real in the Card, may I transfer them to another Just For You card?

No, you cannot. You may only transfer Euros and only through the Customer’s Portal.

Do I pay any fee when I transfer money to another card?

When you transfer money, through the Customer’s Portal, to another card, you pay a fee equal to the card’s loading fee.

I have a child to which I intend to assign an allowance and control the expenses he/she makes. Is there a card for this purpose? I have a family member studying/which I wish to help abroad. Is there any card I may give them so I can regularly send them money?

To send money through a card, you must first purchase a Just For You card. As the holder of a Main card, you may associate up to 3 Secondary cards. Therefore, by acquiring a secondary card associated to your card, you may send the money you wish. The cost, annuities and usage fees of this card are equal to the ones of your card.

How can I transfer money to the secondary card of my child/spouse?

The Secondary card may only be loaded from the Main card and the cost is equal to the other recharges with your card.

To do so, you must access the Customer’s Portal and carry out the transfer of the money to the secondary card, through this applications’ menu option “Transfer Funds”.

What happens to my old card’s balance when I replace it with a replacement card?

As soon as your replacement card is active, contact the Customer Service so that the balances of your previous card may be immediately transferred to the accounts of the Replacement Card. There are no additional costs for these operations.

Just For You prepaid cards can be used for online purchases?

Yes. To make an online purchase, you must provide your 16-digit card number, the CVV code printed on the signature strip on the back of your card (3 numbers), the expiration date on the front of the card and a 6-digit “Secure code” from the 3D Secure system.

The card may not be used on adult sites, or to perform any illegal activity but may be used on gaming sites that are governed by current laws and supervisory authorities in Portugal.</

Is the use of the card for online purchases safe?

Yes. Just For You cards are integrated into the “3D Secure” (3DS) security protocol for online transactions you can make, protecting your card from fraud attempts. Generally, the 3DS system consists of sending and entering a 6-digit code for each online transaction you make, so that you can securely authorize the payment.

Yes. Just For You cards are integrated into the “3D Secure” (3DS) security protocol for online transactions you can make, protecting your card from fraud attempts. Generally, the 3DS system consists of sending and entering a 6-digit code for each online transaction you make, so that you can securely authorize the payment.

3DS may be required by online sales websites whenever symbols appear:


Whenever these symbols appear at the time you make the purchase online, be aware that payment with your card will be carried out with additional methods of security, in which you will be asked for the following information:

1. At the payment stage choose the Just For You Mastercard from the Novacâmbios for your payment;</>

2. Enter the card data, i.e. the name on the card, the expiration date, the 16 digits and the CVV code;

3. You will be informed by the website where you are making the online purchase that you have been requested to send the 3D Secure code;

4. The code will be sent by SMS to mobile phone number registered at the time of joining the Just For You programe card. The SMS sent will contain the following content: “MasterCard SecureCode One-Time: The password to complete your online transaction is: XXXXXX” (Token Code)

5. Enter the code that you received to securely complete the purchase you made.


What are the Customer Service’s contacts?

The Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

To contact it, call: 351 213 405 173. Outside the operating hours, you have two additional alternatives: Automatic Voice Messages Service (IVR) and a Mobile Messages Service (SMS).

The IVR service through the Customer Service’s contact phone number allows to provide the following information:

  • 1. Block/Unblock the card;
  • 2. Recover the PIN;
  • 3. Consult the card’s Balance;
  • 4. Talk to an assistant.

Is there any problem in the use of the card for the payment of Hotels and Rent-a-car?

Some establishments, such as Hotels and Rent-a-car companies, may request a deposit for the use of its services. We do not recommend the use of your prepaid card to carry out such operations as your balance may be retained until the establishment cancels the pre-authorization made.

Is there any purchase I cannot do with the card?

Yes, there are. In the case of payments of road tolls, gas stations and purchases on airplanes, your card may not be accepted as a payment method.

My card was not accepted when I tried to pay at Tolls/Gas Station/Purchase on Airplanes.

The payment terminals of this type of expense are deemed as offline terminals which allow pre-authorizations of payments of a certain amount, even if your card does not have sufficient funds. As these situations represent a financial risk for the payment to be carried out and the card has a negative balance, with considerable costs for you, we opt to prohibit this type of payment.

If my card is lost, stolen or damaged, what should I do?

You may temporarily Block/Cancel the card, through:

  • 1. An SMS from the mobile phone registered writing: LOCK followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card’s number;
  • 2. Customer Service for the number +351 213 405 173;
  • 3. Customer’s Portal, in the option “Report Loss or Theft”. After the reporting, your balance shall be blocked.

Can I cancel my card whenever I want?

Yes, you can. To do so, you must go to one of your service desks. After withdrawing your card’s funds in an ATM machine or at one of our desks, we shall proceed of its cancelling, for which service you shall pay a 2€ fee.

I know you have a SMS service with customer service messages. How can I use it?

To use the SMS Automatic Messages service, anywhere in the world, call 351 927 094 430.

I need to Block my card, how can I do it?

By accessing the Novacâmbios’ SMS service, you must send a message to 351 927 944 300 and proceed as follows:

  • 1. Write: BLOCK followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card’s number.

I am abroad and need to Unblock my card, how do I do it?

By accessing the Novacâmbios’ SMS service, you must send a message to 351 927 944 300 and proceed as follows:

    UNBLOCK followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card’s number.

I am travelling and I need to consult my card’s Balance, how do I do it?

By accessing the Novacâmbios’ SMS service, you must send a message to 351 927 944 300 and proceed as follows:

  • Write: BALANCE followed by a space and the last 4 digits of your card’s number.

I forgot my card’s PIN. How can I recover it?

By accessing the Novacâmbios’ SMS service, you must send a message to 351 927 944 300 and proceed as follows:

  • Write: PIN followed by a space and the last 8 digits of your card’s number.

How can I get a replacement card?

After blocking the card on the Customer’s Portal, we will contact you to know if you wish to get a replacement card. The card may be customized or not. If you accept a noncustomized card, you may go to a service desk and you may immediately receive a replacement card.

The replacement card can be customized?

Yes, it can. If you do not want to go to a service desk, don’t worry, we shall proceed to the order of a new card for the cost of 5€ and you shall receive at your address within 15 business days.

If the balance is blocked after the report of loss or theft, do I lose its amount?

You do not lose it. By your indication before the Customer Service or at a service desk, your card’s balance shall be transferred to a replacement card or to another card you shall indicate.

What happens to my card’s balance which was blocked?

Do not worry, you won’t lose your money. We shall transfer the balance of your previous card to the replacement card that you may pick up at any of our service desks.

I cannot buy online, what's wrong with my card?

Probably, when you entered the payment confirmation code 3DS was tricked more than 3 times. Please be aware that for security reasons and whenever this happens, access to your 3DS account is blocked after the 3rd attempt to enter the 6-digit code incorrectly, and you are temporarily prevented from shopping online. Note, however, that you can continue to use your card for other types of payment, POS / TPA and ATM.

Have been informed the card is locked for online purchases, what should I do?

To unlock your 3DS account and once again to be able to use your card in online purchases, you must contact the Novacâmbios Customer Service.


What is the PSD2?

It is a European Union’s directive, which aims to contribute for the creation of a single market of payment services within the European space, which entered into force on 13 January 2018.

This directive regulates new type of payment services, information services on accounts and services to initiate payments, establishes a set of safety requirements and reviews the standards on the liability for the execution of unauthorized payment operations.

What’s it impact on the consumers?

With the new rules, the PSD2 establishes that the bank accounts’ data belong to its holders and not to the banks. The latter are now bound to share information with other companies of the financial sector, establishing standard digital connections.

The information services on accounts aim to create conditions so that every customer (private or a company) may authorize their bank to provide access to their payments accounts’ information to other service providers duly authorized by the national regulators, known as Third Party Provider (TPP). Furthermore, the services to initiate payments create conditions for these TPP to access the information on the availability of fonds and to initiate a payment on behalf of its customer.

In the case of unauthorized payment operations, the new directive also reduces the customer’s liability. The maximum amount that the latter must bear is reduced from 150 euros to 50 euros, except in the case of fraud or negligence.

This directive implies lowers costs with the same financial operations, together with faster access to digital financial services.

Are there alterations in the data safety?

Yes. All customers are now subject to a strong authentication. That means that, besides the traditional password, you must insert two new verifications between the following options:

  • 1. Information only known by the user, for instance a fixed password;
  • 2. Something only the user holds, for instance na authentication device or a mobile phone;
  • 3. Submission of a characteristic inherent to the user, for instance a biometric device.